How to choose the right hot water system for you

These days, there are many factors to consider when choosing a hot water system for your home. Whether you’re buying a brand new system for a newly built property, you’re looking to upgrade an outdated system or you’re simply looking to replace one that has broken down, the best hot water system is one that best fits with your lifestyle, your household budget, and the environmental needs of the planet.

So, what are these important factors that you need to take into consideration? Let’s go through them now!

Choosing a hot water system

When it comes to selecting the right hot water system for your home, the three main points of consideration are the fuel type, the size of the system and the running costs that it will incur as you use it day to day.

The various hot water system fuel options are:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Solar

Electric systems are typically the least expensive to purchase but the most expensive to run, so could potentially seriously affect your energy bills. Hot water systems that run on gas are relatively more economical, however rising gas prices might see potential cost benefits diminish over time. Then there is the solar hot water system, which is typically the most expensive to install yet the cheapest to run. If you’re looking for a hot water system that offers a fine balance between performance, energy efficiency and financial cost, a gas-boosted solar hot water system might just suit your needs perfectly.

Selecting the right sized water heater for your home

The most effective and economical hot water system will be one that has been accurately sized for your home, based on the number of people living in it.

For example, a family of five living in the home, would be best served by a larger storage heater, as one that is too small will frequently run out of hot water. However for a home for one or two people, a large system will become too expensive to run as it will keep the water heated even if not in use. Therefore, a small hot water storage system will generally suffice. 

By the same token, your hot water needs might be left wanting if your continuous flow system is too small to accommodate multiple uses throughout the house at the one time.

To sum up,

  • If you choose a storage hot water heater, whether electric or solar powered, an experienced plumber will determine the most suitable size by the number of people in the household. More people = larger system. Fewer people = smaller system.
  • Should you choose to install a Continuous flow or instantaneous system, the sizing is not determined by the number of people but by the number of outlets in the home that use hot water (e.g. Shower, kitchen sink, washing machine).

Replacing an electric hot water heater system

Homeowners might choose to replace their electric hot water heater for any number of reasons; it might be too costly to run, it might have broken down after years of use, or it might no longer be the best possible size for the number of people in the home.

There are many possible options to choose from if you wish to move away from an electric hot water system in favour of a more economical alternative. These can include:

  • a high-efficiency natural gas/LPG continuous flow hot water heater 
  • a high-efficiency natural gas/LPG storage hot water heater 
  • a natural gas/LPG-boosted solar hot water heater 
  • an electric-boosted solar water heater 
  • a heat-pump hot water heater.

Replacing a gas hot water heater

Similarly, if your property has a gas hot water heating system that needs replacing, or you’re looking for a more cost-effective, energy efficient option, you could consider the following:

  • a high-efficiency gas continuous flow water heater
  • a high-efficiency gas storage water heater
  • a gas-boosted solar hot water heater.

Speak to an experienced and licensed plumber about the variety of hot water system options that are available to you. We can help you determine the best system for your home or workplace – get in touch with us today!

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