How protecting your plumbing can help save $$$ on bills

How much water do you think an average Australian household might use in a day? If you consider all the ways in which water is used, from washing dishes and clothing, to cooking and drinking. Volume of water used becomes larger than you might realise. Multiply that by the number of people in the household and that volume increases significantly more.

But what happens when your water bill seems significantly higher than the amount of water you used? Sometimes unexpected damage to your plumbing, particularly with your pipes or the water system, can result in water being lost that wasn’t actually used by the household. This can contribute unexpectedly to your water bills. But with smart usage of your water and effective measures to protect your plumbing, you can potentially minimise this water waste and only pay for the water that you actually use. Here are some suggestions.

Effective measures to prevent issues with your plumbing

Problems with your plumbing can occur simply from daily use. Simply turning the kitchen tap further to fill the sink faster can place greater pressure on the pipes, while leaving the water unattended can lead to simple issues becoming bigger, costlier plumbing problems. Prolonging the life of your plumbing with these simple suggestions can reduce the likelihood of water waste.

  • Got a dishwasher? Perhaps instead of using it during the daytime, use it at night to help alleviate the water pressure throughout the day elsewhere in your home.
  • If you have a food disposal unit installed in your kitchen, fibrous foods can clog it up causing unwanted plumbing issues. Try and avoid disposing of them in the sink, but if you can’t, ensure you run the water for several minutes in order to ensure that all food products have been flushed away.
  • We’ve all seen hair clog up the various drains in the bathroom. You can help prevent this by installing screens over the drains that allow water to pass through but little else.
  • If you need to purchase products to disintegrate a clog in your plumbing, it’s wise to be cautious with what you buy as some chemical based products can further damage the pipes. A qualified plumber can use CCTV technology to determine the nature of the blockage and thus determine the best course of action.
  • If you have multiple people in one household requiring the shower in a short space of time, try to keep a 10 minute interval between showers as this will help you to maintain good water pressure that will reduce plumbing issues.

Maintain your plumbing system with these periodical checks

Nipping small plumbing issues in the bud early on can help prevent them from becoming expensive and highly inconvenient plumbing problems at some point in the future. There are numerous things you can check on periodically – some daily, some weekly, some monthly – to ensure the plumbing in your home remains in peak working order and isn’t causing water wastage that results in higher utility bills.

Some of the easiest weekly checks to consider include

  • watching out for any leaks
  • noticing unpleasant odours coming from the bathroom or kitchen taps
  • looking out for any unusual changes in water pressure
  • paying attention to any clogs or blockages in the shower, toilet, kitchen sink etc

Most of these will be noticed whenever they arise, not necessarily on a scheduled weekly assessment of your plumbing system, but should be addressed as soon as possible should they emerge.

There are certain things you could look out for less frequently, monthly for example, but should still be given sound consideration as they can point to potential plumbing issues.

Leaks in the bathroom or kitchen might not always be visible – they can exist behind the walls for example – so checking your monthly usage of water can help determine whether or not there are possible issues with your plumbing. Going over your water bills and checking for any unusual spikes in monthly water use, or even examining the water meter on your property will indicate how much water the household is using. If that figure is uncharacteristically high for your household, or indicates water usage when no one is using water (at night, for example, when everyone is in bed asleep), there may be a leak somewhere that needs to be fixed by a qualified plumber.

A plumber can also help you devise a monthly plumbing maintenance plan that will enable you to easily monitor your system and look out for ‘red flags’ early on before they develop into major issues. Some of the services that might form part of the maintenance plan include cleaning of the drains, checking the sewers and cleaning any grease traps.

The importance of yearly plumbing maintenance

Most modern day plumbing systems are corrosion resistant, which sounds all well and good, but won’t necessarily safeguard you from future plumbing issues. They might certainly rate high on the durability scale, however the pipes and drains can still succumb to damage from a range of external factors. Therefore a yearly plumbing maintenance check can be vital to the longevity of your system.

Annual plumbing maintenance offers numerous benefits including:

  • The ability to determine what components of the system need replacing or repair
  • Minimising the consequences of sewer or water line malfunctions
  • Eradicating any build up of sediment or minerals that can lead to problems with functionality
  • Identifying any fittings in the plumbing that require modifications

Arrange a monthly or yearly plumbing maintenance plan with us today

As with our cars and ourselves, when it comes to plumbing issues, prevention is always better than a cure. It will often be considerably less expensive and cause significantly less inconvenience for the household. And as we all use water on a daily basis it’s an inconvenience we’d all like to avoid.

The best way to preserve the life and functionality of your home plumbing system is with preventative maintenance, particularly by way of a plumbing maintenance plan. From daily checks of water pressure and quality to monthly water meter checks and yearly servicing requirements, the maintenance plan is one of the best approaches towards ensuring your plumbing system remains in tip top shape and your water bills stay consistent and manageable. Get in touch with AP All Solutions to see how we can help you.

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